MABASO ATTORNEYS is a reputable Law Firm, which is accessible to all persons irrespective of Creed, Class or Race. It places high value on its clients and its goal is to ensure that the clients are provided with the best legal services, advice, assistance and most significantly, practical solutions to legal problems.

The firm maintains high standards based on honesty; professional integrity; highest level of ethical and moral principles, which go beyond the confines of the legal profession and the championing of Human Rights.

Our areas of expertise lie in the various parts of the legal profession. We have vast experience in the following areas amongst others; Immigration (Visas, Permits, Permanent Residence, Corporate Immigration), Corporate and Company Law (Registration of CC's, Companies, Liquidations, Insolvency and more...), Information Technology Law & International Brokerage.

As a professional law-firm we strive for success at all times and constantly working right around the clock towards achieving tangible results.

Practice & Experience:   Primary Focus: Immigration

• Immigration Law

• Corporate Law

• IT Law

• Patents & Trademarks

• International Brokerage & Projects






Temporary residence:
Study permit, Exchange Permit, Medical permit, Relative’s permit, Retired person permit, Crew permit

Permanent residence:
Direct Residence

SA Citizenship by Birth
SA Citizenship by Descent
SA Citizenship by Naturalization